Acts of Nature — Break-ins — Vandalism — Don’t take risks with your home or property when you’re away from home. Whether it’s for a few days or several months, Cerberus Home Watch will check your residence and confirm it’s secure in your absence.

We will arrange visits to your home based on your preference and check for any evidence of intrusion or damage, pick up your newspaper or any other periodicals, bring in your mail if requested, and perform all pre-arranged duties in a timely, professional manner.

If you’re in the cities of Gardnerville, Minden or Genoa in Douglas County, Nevada, contact us today to see we can help protect your property and your valuables with our reliable Cerberus Home Watch services.

Basic Services – Interior of Home:

  • Inspect and photograph each interior room
  • Ensure all doors and windows are locked and secure
  • Note any apparent issues with heating and cooling
  • Check smoke detectors and replace batteries if necessary
  • Ensure all utilities are working
  • Check all rooms for water leaks, pests, moisture
  • Check for any security breaches and take appropriate actions/notifications.

Basic Services – Exterior of Home:

  • Visually inspect & photograph entire exterior of your home and property
  • Look for damages to exterior of home
  • Check for forced entry or vandalism
  • Remove any newspapers or flyers
  • Check all outdoor lighting and replace bulbs if necessary
  • Check for any security breaches and take appropriate actions/notifications.
  • Visually inspect surrounding property for any suspicious/unusual activity and take appropriate action/notifications.

Extra Services Available

  • Check and retrieve any packages/mail and secure them inside your residence
  • Water plants in home
  • Feed cat and tend to the litter box
  • Check telephone land line for emergency messages

Cerberus Home Watch is perfect for:


Enjoy your vacation knowing someone is watching your property. We offer services by the week as well as longer term contracts so you can leave knowing that your property is in good hands.


Our Home Watch services are perfect for partial year residents. You can feel confident that you have a plan in place if the weather at home brings an ice storm, deep freeze temps, or high winds.

Medical Emergencies

Cerberus Watch is perfect for extended hospital stays. Simply arrange in advance and we can keep an eye on your place and deal with any emergency property needs while you are away.

Real Estate Related

We work with agents and contractors to meet the needs of securing property while a home is in the construction or foreclosed state, performing in-person checks to help protect uninhabited properties.